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Events at the Mill – 2 February 2018

Thursday was windy and an excellent milling day so some of the milling team met and milled around 70kg of grain. There was also quite a bit of cleaning up during the week from the Residents Festival Weekend as the bottom staircase and Stone Floor floorboards had seen plenty of wet foot traffic and were dirty and slippery in places.


Friday’s regular milling day saw us bag up all of the flour produced on Thursday so the shelves are now full again after some excellent sales over the weekend.


As you know we now have a re-cogged electric drive wheel and this needs running in. We crossed our fingers and ran the electric stones for about 30 minutes slowly increasing the motor speed and after a few strange noises the gear teeth seemed to be settling in and started to run quietly. We milled around 20kg of flour and then examined the timber teeth – they are showing some marking but this is to be expected as they will wear down to accommodate the cast iron drive gear. This is work in progress over the next few weeks.

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Events at the Mill – 26 January 2018

Today was a normal Friday milling day and we proceeded to bag up the remainder of our wind milled flour so that the shelves are now full for this weekend’s Residents Festival. The mill is open both days at our usual times 11.00am to 4.00pm


Alison Leadbetter, who manages our commercial flour sales, suggested that we might try a new gift bag idea for sale in the shop (see photo). We have had quite a few people over the years who have not baked bread before and would like some initial guidance so Alison has come up with a gift bag which contains 500g of our wholemeal flour and 500g of coarse flour plus some yeast, a sheet with two recipes and flour and mill information. These are on sale this weekend at £4.00 so it will be interesting to see if they are popular.


We had a tidy up for the weekend and Ulla cleaned the glass viewing panel in the cap floor, so if you wondered how this stays so clean now you know who to thank. And Rosy greased the curb ring in the cap – something that we do weekly, especially if the cap is sitting in an unusual direction and we can access an often-hidden section of curb.


And as we were leaving Jen Hay arrived with a spade and a rake………….


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