Holgate Windmill Preservation Society Archives

A selection of pictures from the windmill archives

The Holgate Windmill archives are held by the archivist, and are open to the public by prior arrangement. Please contact the archivist via email at archives@holgatewindmill.org for more details.

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The catalogue :

Section numberFile numberTitleNo of FilesDatesContent/ScopeConditionAccess conditions
1 HWPS   In box 1HWA/1/1/1HWPS Constitution12000 – 2007Constitution, lease, memorandum & articles, planning permission, deed of easement, property IDGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/1/2Lease/Memorandum Correspondence12003 – 2006Correspondence re lease, memorandum & articles, constitutionGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/2/1Minutes AGM12001 – 2005AGM minutesGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/2/2Minutes committee meetings12001 – 2006   2003Some minutes; for full set see secretary Proposed HWPS visitor centre -minutes from 2 meetingsGood   GoodRestricted   Restricted
In box 1HWA/1/3/1Accounts62001 – 2007HWPS accounts; for recent accounts contact society’s treasurerGoodRestricted
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/1/3/1Account Ledger1 book2001 – 2004HWPS account ledgerGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/3/2Inland Revenue & Gift Aid12002 – 2007Corres with Inland RevenueGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/3/3Charity Commission correspondence12003 – 2014Corres with Charity CommissionGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/3/4Business Rates12014Corres re business ratesGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/3/5CRB checks12004Corres re CRB checksGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/3/6Companies House12008Corres with Companies HouseGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/4/1Committee events22002 – ongoingEvents & fundraising flyers & information  GoodOpen (part containing names & addresses) restricted
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/1/4/1Mill bunting1 piece2014Piece of Tour de France mill buntingGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/4/2Shutter sponsors book1undatedNames/addresses of sponsorsGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/4/3External hire of mill12015BBC contractGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/4/42020 – Mill during the COVID crisis12020Newspaper cuttings, oral views, milling reports, Mill NewsGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/5/1Open day flyers12009 – ongoingAnnual open day flyersGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/5/2Membership leaflets12001 – 2009Invitation leaflets to join HWPS Merchandise adverts Stage 1 renovation appeal leafletGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/5/3Membership list1undatedList of members & contact detailsGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/5/4Mill News32002 – ongoingHWPS publication ‘Mill News’GoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/5/5Mill News correspondence12002Committee corres re Mill NewsGoodRestricted
In box 1HWA/1/6/1HWPS logos & designs1undatedSociety logo designsGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/6/2HWPS excursions12006 – 2010Committee visits & tripsGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/6/3HWPS awards22010 ongoingAwards received by HWPSGoodOpen
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/1/6/3HWPS Awards62010 – ongoingAward plaques. Copies on board in millGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/6/4Education pack1undatedHWPS Mill education pack And corres re packGood GoodOpen Restricted
In box 1HWA/1/6/5Citizens’ Pledge Book 200012000Citizens’ Pledge BookGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/6/6Windesheim12013 2004Windesheim magazine Windesheim correspondenceGood GoodOpen Restricted
In box 1HWA/1/6/7R. Green Mill model photos12015Photographs of mill modelGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/6/8Misc correspondence12002 – 2013Corres to Berwick Kaler, patrons, volunteersGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/7/1/1Holgate Windmill Guide Book12003Guide book by R. Green & B. AndertonGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/7/1/2Holgate Windmill Guide Book12014Guide book by J. HartlandGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/7/1/3Holgate Windmill Guide Book12019Guide book by J. HartlandGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/7/2/1‘Millers of Holgate’ Book12012Book by A. CookGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/7/2/2‘Millers of Holgate’ Book12014Book by A. CookGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/7/3Miscellaneous publications12013 onwardsMill Christmas cards/notelets/cards/recipe bookGoodOpen
In box 1HWA/1/7/4PLACE conference 201212012Milling at Holgate Windmill by Helen HoultGoodOpen
Section numberFile numberTitleNo of FilesDatesContent/ScopeConditionAccess conditions
2 Restoration In box 2HWA/2/1/1CYC correspondence12001 – 2007Plans, letters, emails from CYCGoodRestricted
In box 2HWA/2/1/2Holgate Ward Committee12002 – 2006Funding, newslettersGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/2/1Funding12002 – 2005Corres LHI, York Conservation Trust, High 5 for HolgateGoodRestricted
In box 2HWA/2/2/2Costings12003 – 2011Restoration costings, quotes, corres with ThompsonsGoodRestricted
In box 4HWA/2/3/1  Structural Inspection 20022 copiesSept 2002Structural Inspection for CYCGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/3/2Structural Inspection 20031March 2003Structural Inspection for CYC, site visit interim reportGoodOpen
In box 4HWA/2/3/3  Restoration Correspondence/Plans/Quotes From Brian Lambert’s files132001Correspondence, lease negotiation, planning permission. Noise assessment, water & electricity supply install, bungalow planning, doors/windows quote, brickwork repairs, cap lift corresp/quotes, hurst frame repair, alarm system, 1st open day (2007), toilet installGoodPart Restricted
In box 2HWA/2/3/4Proposals for first stage exterior renovation booklet12005?Proposals for first stage exterior renovation booklet See also Box 7 (oversize) GoodOpen
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/2/3/4Plans for restoration7 pages2005Potts Parry Ives & Young Proposed plansGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/3/5Windmill Rise Information12007 – 2009Info for residents, road closuresGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/3/6John Boucher report on mill220051 text only with Boucher corres 1 full reportGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/3/7John Byrne restoration of electric stones cogged wheel12018John Byrne’s report of restorationGoodOpen
In box 2HWA 2/3/8Proposals for restoration of cap, fantail & sail frames120063 copies of proposals leaflet for restoration of cap, fantail & sail framesGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/3/9Proposal for transport, storage & repair of mill cap12006Proposal document for transport, storage & repair of mill cap Potts, Parry, Ives & YoungGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/4/1Newspapers82001 – ongoingNewspapers, magazine cuttings of restorationGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/4/2SPAB Mill News12013Magazine featuring MillGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/4/3Mill burglary12004Email re break-inGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2/5/1Images32000 – ongoingPhotos/images of mill  GoodOpen
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/2/5/1Images7 imagesundatedRestoration A3 laminated photos, removal of brake wheelGoodOpen
2A Working Mill In box 2HWA/2A/1/1Mill Diary82001 – ongoing2001 – 2013, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,  2019GoodRestricted
In box 2HWA/2A/1/2Grain Book12013 – 2017Record of grain bought & milledGoodRestricted
In box 2HWA/2A/2/1Procedures12001 –Shutter construction, starting & stopping windstonesGoodOpen
In box 2HWA/2A/3Further Renovations See also HWA/2/3/7  12012 –Peak stonesGoodOpen
Section numberFile numberTitleNo of FilesDatesContent/ScopeConditionAccess conditions
3 Mill History In box 3HWA/3Archive maintenance12015Details of items deposited with York ExploreGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/1/1Newspapers See also HWA/2/4/1 for 2000 –51841 – 1999Newspaper cuttingsFairOpen
In box 3HWA/3/2/1Images See also HWA/2/5/1/ for 2000 –21910 – 1999Images, photos of millGoodOpen
In box 7 (0versize)HWA/3/2/1Print of painting12006Print of JWO Bake painting 1930GoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/3/1CYC correspondence31972 – 1994CYC planning officer corres,  Structural report 1983 Mill Inspection 1972GoodRestricted
In box 3HWA/3/3/2Schedule of restoration work11984CYC specifications & schedule of workGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/3/3Restoration Feasibility Notes1undatedRichard Green’s notesGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/4/1Correspondence11939CYC, Thompsons corres 1939 workGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/4/2Correspondence Scout hut11950CYC & scouts corresGoodRestricted
In box 3HWA/3/4/3Correspondence re Mill History12002 – ongoingCorres from public re memories of millGoodRestricted
In box 3HWA/3/5/1Oral History transcripts12013 – ongoingOral history recording transcripts Transcripts of HWPS interviewsGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/5/2Oral History permission forms12013 – ongoingPermission/Copyright formsGoodRestricted
In box 3HWA/3/6/1Richardson & Gutch letter11848Letter from Richardson & GutchGoodOpen but copy available
In box 3HWA/3/6/2Mill surrender document11855Peart to Musham surrenderGoodOpen but copy available
In box 3HWA/3/6/3Historical Document copies11848 – 1939Copies of Richardson & Gutch letter, 1855 surrender & 1939 conveyanceGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/6/4Misc documents11954 – 2008Historic monuments entry, Roberts diagram stones, list of Malvern documents, mill poem,GoodOpen
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/3/6/4Thompson’s ledger8 pages1939 – 1957Extracts from Thompson’s ledger re Holgate workGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/6/5Misc maps11774 – 1999Enclosure map 1774, Holgate ward map 1999 GoodOpen
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/3/6/5Map1 map1889Map of part of Holgate, part of mill plotFairOpen
In box 7 (oversize)HWA 3/6/5Map1 map1891Map of Holgate HillFairOpen
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/3/6/5Map1 map1930sAerial view of Holgate laminatedGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/7/1Foster’s Collection1  undatedFoster’s Butchers paper bags,GoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/7/2Foster’s Collection1undatedprinting plate, glass slide of mill, ink stampGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/8Robin Hill Collection11949 – 1954Newspaper cuttings, photographs, card drawn by David AkeGoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/9David Mason11971David Mason unpublished thesis ‘Holgate Windmill’GoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/10/1David Lodge Research Notes31970s – 1980sNotes, diagrams on history of mill & Holgate Inc letter from Brian Lambert to Mrs. J. Lodge on donation of Lodge collection See also box 6 (oversize) GoodOpen
In box 3HWA/3/10/2David Lodge Correspondence11970s – 1980sCorres re mill history & renovationGoodRestricted
In box 5HWA/3/10/3‘Last of a Circle’11976Master copy of ‘Last of a Circle’ by David LodgeGoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/10/4Feasibility study into fitting sails & fantail119812 copies of Feasibility study by David Lodge ‘Missed Opportunities’ notesGoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/10/5Collection of material re application to remove mill machinery11984Newspaper cuttings, correspondence, diagrams re application to remove machineryGoodRestricted
In box 6 (oversize)    HWA/3/10/6David Lodge Mill Folder1undatedOriginal of David Lodge folder in millGoodOpen but consult laminated folder in mill
In box 5HWA/3/10/7Holgate Boundaries31980sD. Lodge work on maintaining & publicising Holgate boundariesGoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/10/8Notes on Acomb, York1undatedPamphlet by George BensonGoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/10/9Holgate2undatedCopies of photographs of Holgate A walk round Holgate Notes on buildings David Lodge notes on Backhouses, Holgate House, Eliza Gutch Notes on Railway Carriage works Geoff Hodgson’s books on Holgate vols 2,3,4,5GoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/11/1A Cook genealogy research Waud family  12011Notes, research Waud familyGoodOpen ON LOAN
In box 5HWA/3/11/2A Cook genealogy research Vocer, Cobb Thackwray, Horseman/Bean, Shearsmith12011Notes , research Vocer, Cobb Thackwray, Horseman/Bean, ShearsmithGoodOpen ON LOAN
In box 5HWA/3/11/3A Cook genealogy research Peart, Musham12011Notes , research Peart, MushamGoodOpen ON LOAN
In box 5HWA/3/11/4A Cook genealogy research Chapman, Warters, Mollett12011Notes, research Chapman, Warters, MollettGoodRestricted ON LOAN
In box 5HWA/3/11/5A Cook genealogy research Gutch12011Notes, research Gutch family & estate  GoodRestricted ON LOAN
In box 7 (oversize)HWA/3/11/51938 Abstract of Title to Gutch estate1 piece1938From D Lodge collection Abstract of Title to Holgate Lodge & lands 1938GoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/11/6Transcript of Eliza Gutch notes12019Notes on Grantham by a Victorian lady ed. Ruth CrookGoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/12/1York Mills A Cook research12011Notes , research on York millsGoodOpen ON LOAN
In box 5HWA/3/12/2Thomas Mills receipt11900Thomas Mills, Ebor mills receiptGoodIn mill
In box 5HWA/3/12/3Etty Family A Cook research1undatedResearch notes on Etty familyGoodOpen ON LOAN
In box 5HWA/3/12/4English Mills12013Notes on English mills incl those open to the public  Ulla WibergGoodOpen
In box 5HWA/3/12/5York Historian article on York mills12013Trouble at t’mill by Sandra Garside-NevilleGoodOpen


Copy of Harrison 1818 etching “Severus Hills” showing Holgate mill (large framed picture)

Fabric mill badge

In blue filing box:


Look North June 2005

Look North/Calendar 11th, 12th Oct 2006

CD          (photos included in mill archive folders)

                13 CDs photos of Holgate mill, 1939 onwards

                Copy of student project 2011

                2 CDs HWPS accounts

DVD       (transcripts of Calendar News, Radio York broadcast in Misc documents (HWA/3/6/4)

                Tour of Holgate Windmill

                4 DVDs E. Affleck previews

                Calendar News People Millions

                Radio York Broadcast 23rd June 2012

Cassette tape

                Radio York interview with B. Anderton & P. Hepworth 11th Oct 2006 (transcript of Radio York broadcast in Misc documents (HWA/3/6/4))

Archive policy :


                To collect, record, preserve and facilitate access to HWPS documents and records.


Any paper document concerning HWPS, Holgate Windmill or York mills will be considered for inclusion. Collection is ongoing and anyone may supply documents to the archives.

DVDs, CDs, Videos, tapes etc. will also be considered for inclusion. Artefacts will not be collected.

No more than 3 copies of any particular document will be kept.

All new accessions must be clean, dry, and mould and pest free. 


All documents will be sorted into a detailed hierarchical filing system.

The filing system will be prefixed by HWA (Holgate Windmill Archives) and will consist of numbered layers e.g.

  • HWA/1 (HWPS documents
    • HWA/1/1 (HWPS constitution)
    • HWA/1/2 (HWPS meeting minutes)   
      • HWA/1/2/1 (Committee meeting minutes)      
      • HWA/1/2/2 (AGM minutes)

Individual documents will not be labelled but will be included in the relevant numbered file. Each file will contain several documents in the same category. Each set of files will be housed in a numbered box.


All files and boxes will be of archive grade quality and all labelling will be done in pencil. Metal staples, paper clips etc. will be removed     

All files and boxes will be stored appropriately in a clean, dry, pest free environment and will be checked regularly.


Access to the archives will be given to any interested party whether trustees or members of HWPS or general public etc., by arrangement with the archivist.

Access to any document that contains information about particular living people e.g. names, contact details or is of a sensitive nature e.g. private correspondence will be closed to members and general public as required by the Data Protection Act. Trustees may access these documents only as part of HWPS business.

Documents that contain information about living people but which have been in the public domain e.g. newspaper cuttings will be accessible to all.

Where possible, access to archive material will be promoted by the archivist through maintaining and updating copies of appropriate material on display in the mill in the archive files there or as part of exhibitions.