Easter Chick’s at the Mill and our first batch of Spelt Flour.

Easter Bank Holiday Monday was not the nicest of days weather-wise but the annual Easter Trail drew a large number of excited children to the mill and they enjoyed the challenge of finding all of the numbered chicks, discovering the key word and collecting their Easter egg prize. Congratulations also to the adults who seemed to spend more time working out the key word than the kids , a real team effort and thank you everyone for coming, it was a really enjoyable day.

A few weeks ago we received our first delivery of Spelt, this is a variety of wheat called Triticum spelta. Its nutrition content is very similar to wheat, and it is high in gluten. As a trial we have only ordered a quarter of a tonne and it has been extremely interesting for us to mill this grain alongside our usual Sky Fall wheat variety. It mills just as well as ordinary wheat but it is different, slightly finer in texture when milled and a little more oily when bagging. Quite a few of our milling team have already tried this in differing ratio’s with our ordinary strong wheat flour and report good results. At the moment we are selling 1.5kg bags in the mill for £3.50 and this price reflects the much higher grain price than ordinary milling wheat. If Spelt proves a commercial success we will order larger quantities and we will probably start to sell this in smaller 1kg bags which have been requested by a number of our customers.

Our regular Summer open weekends start in 5th and 6th of May and our volunteers will be busy before then lime washing some of the interior walls and ensuring that the mill is looking great. We hope that you get the opportunity to visit on one of our open days between May and October.