Live data from the Mill

Holgate LIVE webcam and windmill information

Holgate Windmill are now involved in an exciting new initiative where along with some other windmills we have installed datalogging into the mill all run on a new LoRaWAN network. This technology has been developed at Upminster Windmill and their team installed the system in our mill in late September. After a few weeks bedding in the system is now operating well.

The initial installation includes two digital compasses in the cap which constantly monitor the direction of the sails and give warning alerts by text if the sails fail to point into the prevailing winds. These sensors also give temperature information. To augment these sensors we have also installed a live webcam so that we can keep an eye on the mill remotely 24/7. The Smartmolen system is in its early stages of development and we are delighted that Holgate Windmill is part of this interesting initiative. It is hoped that in the future we will be able to install sensors to monitor sail and fantail rotation and no doubt the network of mills using this technology will increase.

If you want to look at the webcam and windmill information from other windmills using this system online you can log in to: This gives you the main page of the Smartmolen system and lets you see all of the mills currently involved. Click on either the mill name on the right or a map icon.