Major Events in the Mill Restoration

1970s: David Lodge campaigned for preservation

2001: Holgate Windmill Preservation Society (HWPS) founded by Christine Bramwell

2003:  first large grant received, £22,500

2005:  first open weekend

2006:  cap and brakewheel removed to Network Rail depot, machinery dismantled, cog wheels repaired

2007: grants from York Conservation Trust (£20,000), Grantscape (£98,000), Esme Fairburn Foundation (£66,000), Heritage Lottery Fund (£50,000); York stone floor replaced, new curb ring, shear frame, castings for eg. Glut boxes made; lime render put on outside wall

2008: millstones dismantled and one set of burr stones replaced; new teeth on brake wheel; gearing and cap machinery repaired; iron fence erected

2008-09: new cap built

2009: new grain bins, stone furniture and toilet built; outside wall painted; cap fitted; shutter construction began

2010:  shutters finished; grants received from People’s Millions (£46,500); shutter and fantail blade sponsorships (£10,400)

2011: fantail lifted to cap; striking gear, sail frames, electric motor installed; trial milling began on electrically driven millstones

2012: sail shutters fitted; stones dressed; stone furniture installed; official opening held in June; first flour made by wind power

2013:  sales of flour began; joined The Traditional Corn Millers’ Guild; glass floor in cap fitted; central vacuum system installed

2014:  awarded membership of Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings Mills Section