News – what’s happening at the mill?

October Open Days

The windmill shop is open every Saturday between 10:00 to 12:00 to buy our flour and other windmill related gifts including local honey. The windmill is open for visitors on Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October (which is the last open day of the year). Opening times are 11am until 4pm. Calling all Mini Millers (children 4-7 years old)- the last session for the year will be on Saturday 19th October when you will be looking at the Power of Wind. If interested please contact ...
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September Open Days

The windmill shop is open every Saturday between 10:00 to 12:00 to buy our flour. If you want to look round the mill it is open for visitors on Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September. Opening times are 11am until 4pm. Mini Millers (for children 4-7 years old) will be baking bread on Saturday 21st September. If interested please contact ...
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August Open Days

The mill will be open on Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August. Opening times are 11am until 4pm. We will also be open on 26th Bank Holiday Monday. Come and see the only working windmill in Yorkshire. Adults only £3, children 5 - 18yrs £1 and under 5s get in free ...
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Folic Acid debate – your help is needed

As you may have heard, the Government has been considering whether to introduce legislation to fortify all flour with folic acid. If the proposals are adopted this could prohibit any unfortified flour being sold for human consumption in this country. As small-scale flour producers traditional corn millers, such as Holgate Windmill, will find fortification of flour very difficult, if not beyond their capability, without a major investment in expensive new equipment which may even be impossible to install given space constraints and the listed building status of their windmill or watermill. The inability to sell flour could potentially see the end of milling in many traditional mills, something we would wish to fight against strongly.
Whether flour should be fortified with folic acid is very much a personal matter and we do not seek to influence your views on that. We fully support the intention to minimise the risk of neural tube defects in babies, which is the reason for the proposal, however if mandatory fortification of all flour threatens to prevent windmills and watermills from producing flour to sell, we would wish to raise our concerns with the government. SPAB Mills' Section and the Traditional Cornmillers Guild (TCMG) consider that an exemption for small-scale producers could be included in any change to the regulations without substantially affecting the proposals, and they ask for your support in this. The TCMG has produced a paper setting out the background to the proposals and some of the issues affecting those milling in traditional windmills and watermills; the document can be found at It also provides guidance on how to respond to the public consultation, which ends on the 9th September, should you wish to do so. The public Consultation Document and questionnaire can be found at We urge you to read the documents and fill in the online questionnaire. It is really important that as many people as possible comment on the proposals. Thank you ...
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A Busy July at the Mill

Join us at the mill for a fun-packed July. The mill will be open on Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st from 11am until 4pm. If the wind is blowing you may see the sails turning and cogs whirring. Our Minimillers group will be looking at cogs and gears on Saturday 20th - see the minimillers page for more details and sign up. Plus the mill shop will be open every Saturday morning from 10am - 12pm for our stoneground wheat and spelt flour, yeast, aprons, teatowels, greetings cards and lots more mill goodies ...
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